Light Cycle
Vehicle TypeHigh speed personal transport
ArmamentsLight Ribbon
Crew1 rider
Black Guard
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

For the TV series TRON: Uprising, a new light cycle design was created. It is distinct from any other design seen in the TRON Universe, with many changes being made to the design.

The most noticeable change is, perhaps, the back wheel, which slightly resembles the wheel of a real world car. The other major differences are the circuitry design, the space just behind the front wheel, the canopy over the driver's head and an engine housed in the rear wheel. It also appears slightly smaller than the 4th and 5th generation light cycles and can withstand disc attacks, quite unlike the other models.


For the Argon Races, Many contestants heavily modified their light cycles. Some of these light cycles were highly reminiscent of 4th or 5th generations. Zed was not excluded among these programs and created the fastest light cycle in Argon City, save for the ENCOM-786. Zed's light cycle looked similar to the 5th generation light cycles. Beck, in his Renegade disguise, later stole the bike to save Paige from being derezzed. He later returned it after Zed's second incarnation of the bike was derezzed while saving programs.

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