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Keep quiet if you want to live.
Young man on recgonizer
Young Man on Recognizer
Biographical information
Derezzed Date2010
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
DescriptionStandard blue program
Other information
Identity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
AlliesSam Flynn
Green Gaming Program
Purple Gaming Program
Blue Gaming Program
Out of universe information
ActorDarren Dolynski
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

The Young Man on Recognizer was a minor character in TRON: Legacy, portrayed by Darren Dolynski. He stood next to Sam Flynn on the recognizer which brought them to the Arena, and was one of Sam's four teammates in Clu's light cycle tournament.


This program was one of seven prisoners being transported to the Game Arena in a recognizer when the craft descended to the street to pick up an eighth captive, Sam Flynn. Once on board, Sam asked the program whether he had ever heard of Kevin Flynn. The program merely replied, "Keep quiet if you want to live." Once the craft had reached its destination, several of the detainees were assigned to be rectified, while this program, along with Sam and at least one other program, were sentenced to compete in the Games.

He was reunited with Sam once more on the Light Cycle Grid, in a team of five conscripts pitted against an opposing team of Clu and four sentries. The captive team, pitted against the faster light cycles on Clu's team, suffered three casualties before the young program, the last remaining Basic out of the team, agreed to work with Sam to even the odds when it became apparent they were losing. He succeeded in ambushing one sentry whom Sam had distracted, offering an excited thumbs-up to Sam upon rejoining him, then assisted in hemming in another sentry between his and Sam's light ribbons until the sentry lost control and derezzed along with his light cycle. Unfortunately, the sentry's damaged light cycle flipped in front of the young program's light cycle before completely derezzing, throwing it out of control and separating it from its rider. The program stood, amazed that he had survived the collision, and was pleased to see Sam pausing to retrieve his lost baton. However, as he waited with his outstretched hand to receive the baton, he was derezzed when Clu's light cycle landed directly on top of him.


The young program wore his hair in a spiked-up reverse mohawk style, and had blue circuits, dark markings under his eyes, and a white vertical line bisecting his lower lip. When first seen on the recognizer, he wore an outfit which included a short high-collared jacket, fingerless gloves, and mismatched boots. On the Light Cycle Grid, he wore the same pattern of standard conscript armor which had been issued to Sam Flynn.


  • The Young Man stood first in the lineup of light cycle combatants, and wore a 1 on his helmet.
  • On the scoreboard, the name of Combatant 1 was listed as Vint. This name is a reference to Vinton Gray "Vint" Cerf, an American computer scientist recognized as one of "the fathers of the Internet." The light cycle match's fifth combatant, the Blue Gaming Program, was also apparently named after Vint Cerf.
  • He was one of two programs on the team to have blue circuits; the other two programs had green circuits, while Sam, the user, had white.
  • There are several key parallels between the Young Man's storyline and that of Ram. He was the first program, other than the enemy guards, to converse with the confused user who'd just landed in his world; the tactic he and Sam used to destroy their last opponent, trapping him between their light ribbons, was very similar to the trap set by Ram and Tron for their own last opponent before escaping the Game Grid; he was also involved in a light cycle crash, and in a final tragic parallel, his final act before derezzing was to stretch out his hand toward the user who couldn't save him.
YoungProgram Sam 2C

The program and Sam Flynn trap a sentry.

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