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I knew you'd escape. They haven't built a circuit that could hold you!
Biographical information
UserLora Baines
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
DescriptionRegular program appearance
Other information
FunctionsDigitizing Supervisor
Solar Sailer pilot
VehiclesSolar Sailer
Out of universe information
ActorCindy Morgan

Yori is a program written by Lora Baines and the romantic interest of Tron. She was in charge of the creation of digital simulations (such as the Solar Sailer).


Yori was among the programs used by Lora and Gibbs to perform their first successful digitization experiment. Shortly thereafter, she, along with several other programs, was appropriated by the MCP and forced to work on simulations. When Tron rescued her, she appeared not to recognize him, giving him the same robotic status report she had given a guard moments earlier; but his entreaties roused her free will again and she hugged him with delight, saying she'd known he would be able to escape his captors. He explained that he needed information from his User, and she fled the simulation complex with him and led him to a secret back entrance to the I/O Tower.

Once inside, she was able to convince the Tower Guardian Dumont to allow Tron to communicate with Alan-One, who provided them with information necessary to destroy the MCP. She then guided Tron to the Solar Sailer, which they stole and used to escape Sark's forces, flying it toward the MCP's citadel at the heart of the ENCOM system. During the flight, Tron introduced her to Kevin Flynn (who at first mistook her for Lora). Her initial reaction to Flynn implied a level of interest, reflecting the fact that Flynn and Lora had once been a couple, but she retreated to Tron when the User attempted to approach her.

On the way to the MCP, the Solar Sailer was intercepted and destroyed by Sark's ship. He captured Yori and Flynn, intending to derezz them along with the ship once they reached the MCP's mesa. Believing Tron had perished in the crash, Yori lost hope and came close to derezzing with the ship before Flynn revived her. The two then worked together to keep the remains of the carrier flying, unaware Tron was alive and had reached the mesa ahead of them.

When the two saw Tron attempting to break through the MCP's shields, Flynn decided to throw himself into its beam to distract the evil program; believing that he was sacrificing himself, he shared a brief but passionate kiss with Yori before taking the leap. The distraction did indeed allow Tron to destroy the MCP, and Yori reunited with him when the carrier landed. In her delight, she greeted him with the kiss Flynn had taught her; he was bemused, but described it as nice, and the two stood with Dumont as the system lit up again, glad of their freedom but unaware of Flynn's fate.

Other Appearances

Since the original film, Yori has not appeared in any other TRON media. When TRON: Legacy was announced, a fan campaign dubbed Yori Lives was created with the intention to bring Cindy Morgan and her characters Yori and Lora Baines back for the upcoming film. While Yori does not appear in Legacy, director Joseph Kosinski states that the character is still alive and well within the TRON Universe.

Currently there is speculation that she will be returning for TRON 3.

In TRON: Uprising, an old-style white light suit similar to Yori's appeared in a display cylinder in Able's office, together with other relics, such as a Bit. The fate of the program who had worn it is unknown.


Yori is a sweet and endearing program with a childlike nature. Even in the most intense situations she manages to find something to smile about, and does not appear to be fazed by danger; she enjoys piloting the Solar Sailer and leads Tron in sliding down a long slope, suggesting with a laugh that they should "do that some more." She also retains her User's witty and sarcastic humor, particularly when she meets Kevin Flynn. Her resourcefulness allowed her to find a way into the I/O Tower and convince Dumont to allow Tron to communicate with Alan-One, and, though it took a moment of convincing, she was willing to continue with the mission to destroy the MCP even when she believed Tron had been killed.

Skills and Abilities

Yori is an accomplished engineer who specified in the digitzation of simulations within the Grid. In a deleted scene, Yori's digitalization skills are displayed to a greater extent when she transforms the appearance of her apartment from a gray and lifeless space to colorful and lively room. In the same deleted scene she is able to change the appearance of her wardrobe from a simple light suit to a more extravagant one. She is also a skilled pilot, singlehandedly helming the Solar Sailer and the remains of Sark's carrier with little trouble.


Yori love3

Yori and Tron in the deleted "Love Scene".

Yori's romantic relationship with Tron mirrors that of their Users, Alan Bradley and Lora Baines, in the real world, with the only major difference between them being the constant display of their affection for one another (regardless of the situation). In both the script and two deleted scenes, the nature of their relationship is explored further by addressing their sexuality. The scene (significantly altered from how it's depicted in the script) was later removed from the film because it was considered "too sentimental" at the time, something that the director regrets now.

Yori is also briefly attracted to Kevin Flynn, who was once romantically involved with her User.


  • Yori wears a close-fitting cap in most scenes, but is seen wearing a helmet for her scenes on board the Solar Sailer. This occurred because actress Cindy Morgan became fed up with the glue that was holding the cap to her head.
  • Unlike Tron, Yori lacks any indication of a Identity Disc on her back.

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