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Viruses are infections in a computer system that cause the system to malfunction in various ways. In the TRON Universe, they always have characteristic green or yellow-green circuitry.


In the game TRON 2.0 there is a viral infection caused by J.D. Thorne as a result of digitizing without the correction algorithms. Thorne himself turned into a virus, and calling himself a "Master User", he spreads this corruption through the ENCOM systems by infecting programs. TRON: Evolution featured another prominent virus called Abraxas. Abraxas was a former ISO named Jalen that was reprogramed by Clu, so that he could persuade his fellow Basics that the ISOs were a threat. Abraxas infected many programs, including Gibson.

Types of Viruses

  • Z-Lots are simple viruses. They are usually easy to kill, but they swarm in the masses. They are either created by direct infection, or spawned in by Rector Scripts.
  • Rector Scripts are more complex viruses. They are very hard to kill, but a headshot with a disc will derez them immediately. They can spawn in Z-Lots, making them even harder to attack.
  • Infected are programs that were infected by Abraxas.


Main article: Ball

The main weapons of viruses are Balls. Balls are glowing, green blobs of data that have corrosive and infective properties. Through subroutines, different ball-based weaponry can be used, such as the Ball Launcher and Drunken Dims.

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