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1982 Tron novel information suggestion Edit

Greetings programs!

Well, as of the hints at Legacy's coming release many months ago, it renewed my old love of Tron. A friend of mine alerted me to what was up, and we created a sort of fan club (a respectful one) and have been feeding off all the new info until Legacy was finally out. She made brilliant pixel art of most the vehicles, new and old, and I find myself trying to collect the very basics of information to consider myself a knowledgeable true fan.

I’m 25 years old (though I always seem to come off as 20) and I grew up on movies like the original. Being as broke as I am the last few years, I can’t afford most the fun things associated with the films, but I was lucky enough to procure 2 copies of the 1982 Tron novel, based on the screenplay.

This is the important part. There are a few differences, and many more things explained in better detail, in many ways that a film just cannot cover. I am very determined that you guys, or even one of you get hold of a copy so you might add more information to the wiki and make it even more complete. I will continue to try and get in contact with you guys, and I’m hoping the news of the old book will make your day, although I’m sure you might groan to have to insert more changes on pages.

I have yet to learn if the information in the book was closer to the original script, before things could have been changed in the film to what we know. I seem to come off as a little obsessively canon for anything Tron related, so if finding out that the book is closer to the very original idea, I would sure be pleased.

Some examples of the new information:

Bit would not only become a red “star” for negative responses, but would become a green “star” for positive.

Bit said more than “yes” or “no”, and could give positive or negative responses in any language and in a variety of wordings such as, “No way!” and “Absolutely!”

Ram’s bike color was originally green.

After being crashed into by a blue lightcycle in the main lightcycle sequence, the wall of the Game Grid shattered and remained open because the MCP had drained the sector of all but its most basic power requirements. With normal power levels, the wall would have re-rezzed instantly and might not have shattered at all to begin with. The escape of Flynn, Tron and Ram was only made possible because of the MCP’s over controlling greed.

As Flynn crashed the broken Recognizer and then stumbled out to find programs completely ignoring him, they only did so because the power in their sector was drained so low, keeping all programs mindless and fully compliant to the MCP.

These programs were heard by Flynn and Tron at their respective scenes to be repeating numbers and sequences to themselves and aloud.

Yori was even repeating this code while she worked as a data pusher, and could not be broken from it until Tron got hold of her and restored her focus with some of his own energy, renewed by the spring of energy in a prior scene.

The droning code all power-sapped programs spoke was meant to eventually delete them from the system, should they ever complete saying it.

I hope all this information tempts you guys to get the books and add this and much more! You can find the books, very cheap on

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