Hey everyone, Ike here.

Sorry for my absence, but I've had a crappy time lately.

Anyway, I just have some theories and I want to know if I'm correct on a couple facts here.

Point one: I believe that Radia and Ophelia are one and the same. Mostly because of my findings in the Tron Files of Tron Evolution. It says in Radia's file that she studied alongside Jalen with Flynn. But, it also says in Abraxas (Jalen's) file that he studied alongside Ophelia with Flynn. Then there's the fact that they look the same. So I think that Ophelia was the name she chose, the name she was known by to people like Flynn and Tron. But Radia is her "leader" name if you will. I would also suggest that Giles and Jalen are the same person, but that may or may not go against my next theory.

Point 2: Jalen is the main character of Evolution- Battle Grids. I read on the Tron-Sector forum a very good theory from a man I now consider to be a genius. If you put the fact that Jalen (Abraxas) was the first ISO game grid champion according to the Abraxas shards, then it makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Point 3: The complete timeline. Okay, so we have Tron. No dispute there. That's first no matter what. Then we go to Tron Evolution for DS. Why? Because I gather it takes place in 1984. When System Monitors were being introduced into the system, one of them saves the system from an old program that was draining energy from the grid. Proving their absolute usefulness, especially the one that saved the system. Then Tron Evolution for PSP. This game claims it takes place in 85. I believe it because it features a character named Beta. I think that Beta was an updated version of the monitor that saved the system and the entire invention of the games was to test Beta's skills to see if Flynn was getting the Monitor formula right, so he could create Anon.

Then Battle Grids would take place in 89. I might get some flack for this, but I contribute it to the fact that Jalen may be the main character. It also must take place after the PSP version because the PSP version features the creation of the championship. The Games already existed before, yes, but not the CHAMPIONSHIP. Plus Tron clearly participated in the championship in the PSP version and it states that he's retired in Battle Grids. Plus there's no mention of Clu, supposedly because of his actions during Tron: Betrayal (which takes place during most of the time in between, most within the second issue, the first issue is clearly all in 83) and his bitter defeat at the hands of Beta. Those don't exactly encourage him to play in the games again. Then after Betrayal AND Battle Grids comes Evolution for the main consoles. I think its pretty self explanatory that it takes place in 1990. Then, Tron: Legacy.

Am I right on any of these points? or should I be shunned for looking way too much into this xDDD



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