Greetings Programs, I'm Ike and I'd like to ask for some help on doing a couple things for this amazingful wiki. I've noticed that there's no separate page for Tron: Evoluion -Battle Grids- for Wii or the Evolution games for DS and PSP. Seeing as each different game tells a different part of the story, I'm going to be making some edits to incorporate them into new pages with info on the stories of each game. However, I don't have all the games yet, and while I will add the info when I can, I'd like to ask for a helping hand in getting those pages up and running. So anyone who has any of the games, could you maybe get a nice start on the pages? Not forcing anything, understand. Just making the wiki more complete. The other edit I'd like to make is to create two separate pages for the Tron Legacy timeline (Legacy, Betrayal, Evolution, Uprising) and the Tron 2.0 timeline (2.0, Ghost in the Machine, Killer APP, User Error). I don't have all the information and dates to compile those, but I'm going to work on it, and again, I'd appriciate any help I can get with that undertaking. The final edit I'll make would be adding to the Ghost in the Machine pages, as in the story for the individual issues and a summary for the main page. Again, help with that is welcome. Those are the only places I could see for improvement, frankly. This wiki is amazing, and hopefully, by increasing the amount of information on those pages, we can make it better. If you actually read all of my little tangent here, then you are awesome! :)

Till nxt time


End of Line

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