Hey, everyone. Ike here again, and with another favor to ask. Though, I doubt this will be answered :/

In any case, I was wondering if anyone could give me a full playthrough of Tron: Evolution so I can trim it down for the cutscenes. I'm going to compile them into a "movie" of sorts and put it on Youtube for fan purposes. Hopefully if it turns out well, I can link it on the wiki. The walktrhoughs currently on youtube don't cut it for me, frankly. Heres my criteria:

  1. The full intro cutscene with Tron, ALONG WITH the video game company logos that appear as soon as it starts. This will most likely require recording as soon as you start the game up.
  2. Playthroughs of every level, but I really don't expect this from anyone. They need to be free of any notifications of trophies/achievements or people getting online/offline. Yes, I'm that picky.
  3. The whole ending, with the ENTIRE credits.
  4. All of that WITHOUT ANY watermarks.

Thanks for listening, and since i really dont expect anyone to do this for me, can i have some suggestions on what i can do to record them myself? Any programs/devices/solutions would be great. and preferrably in good quality plzzzz. haha. Anyway, may the Users bless you, programs. AND HAPPY TRON WEEK :D



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