Example (Old Infobox)
Codex weap baton
Hard to read caption
Usage: Technology rez tool
Users: N/A
Circuitry Color: N/A
And a footnote field that was seldom used

For a while now, I've been doing some extensive overhauling of many of the info boxes. The one on the right is provided here to present an example of the old common one used for items (It's updated equivalent appears on the "Baton" page). The newer versions of the vehicle and equipment info boxes were adapted from info boxes already in use for characters, as well as cast and crew. Aside from updating those two, I've also implemented info boxes for "Locations".

It is now time to review the info boxes used for Programs, and I want to get some feedback before diving into this project. Firstly, what will happen are some minor tweaks to update them to the same standards already established on the other info boxes - these tweaks won't have any major aesthetic impact other than to put some restraint into their size. What might happen is a colour scheme cosmetic overhaul.

So here's the question:

Should the Program Info Boxes be updated from their '80s-era retro look, beautifully suited to capture the program look of TRON and TRON 2.0, to be more consistent with TRON: Legacy and other contemporary TRON releases?

Another possibility also exists where we could split the designs to leave the old boxes intact for the earlier generation programs and draft up newer copies for the modern characters. The downside there is an even greater collection of different boxes to maintain.

Feedback appreciated. Fire away.

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