There are quite a number of unusual applications of the English language on the Tron Wiki. I've just seen usage of the words "real world" switched to "Real World", reverted, and found them switched back to upper case again. That strikes me as odd. Wikis are generally an attempt to be an authoritative text on a subject and that tends to lead to formal use of the language where applicable.

In the case of "real world", these links might shed some light:

  • - A question asking about the word "world".
  • Ancient - Second paragraph: "At the right is a picture of the ancient world." There's an example where "ancient world" is being applied in the same context as "real world" here on the Tron Wiki.

"User" is another one that appears with a capitalised "u" all too frequently, and I'd say incorrectly, for the same reason that "Real World" is incorrect. None of us go around writing, "I am a Person" (formally), so what is the reason for writing, "Kevin Flynn is a User"?

Ditto for "program".

I was under the impression that the way these words should work would be common knowledge. I'm actually quite puzzled by many people's departure from English (and English wiki) standards here. -- WarBlade 06:28, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

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