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    Tron Wiki Background

    April 15, 2013 by WarBlade

    XD1 from the Wikia staff is tinkering with the Tron Wiki background. The proposed new look can be found on his user page. It features a Jeff Bridges close-up on the left, and Sam with Quorra on the right, plus a more 'glowy' atmosphere consistent with the imagery at the end of TRON: Legacy with the portal lighting up the scene.

    I just want to throw this out there to gauge opinion on this proposal. Do you like it? Not like it? Prefer the old one? Let us know.

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    Source: Collider

    The sequel to Tron: Legacy looks to be back on track. Disney has been developing a follow-up to the 2010 Tron sequel for a couple of years now, though movement had slowed considerably as of late. Apparently new Disney Studios head Alan Horn sees the sequel as a priority, with Heat Vision reporting that Jesse Wigutow being tapped to pen the latest draft of the script as development on the project moves forward “with a renewed urgency.” Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is set to helm this next installment, though a timetable for production isn’t given. Kosinski is currently finishing up post-production on the Tom Cruise-led sci-fi pic Oblivion.

    Last we heard, David DiGilio was writing a new draft of the script for Tron 3. Lega…

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    Tron Wiki Bureaucrat

    June 13, 2012 by WarBlade

    As many of you probably realise, the Tron Wiki's founder and original bureaucrat, Mr. Sinistar, has been absent for the past year. This creates a minor problem for the Tron Wiki, because administrative functions that should be available to at least one admin have been left beyond our grasp (or called in from Wikia Central should a major issue ever arise). My sysop level access is sufficient to handle the general day to day administration needs, but sometimes the hand of a bureaucrat is needed for more esoteric functions.

    So this is a blog post to gauge opinion.

    How would you guys feel if I took up the role of bureaucrat?

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    Light Cycles...

    April 20, 2011 by WarBlade

    Anyone up for another big overhaul project? :)

    There are two common versions of the way Light Cycles have been typed; "Light Cycle" and "Lightcycle". The most frequent usage outside of this wiki is "Light Cycle" and yet the word "Lightcycle" has become the dominant form on the Tron Wiki.

    Wikis, being what they are, should really cover articles using the most common name, so I was wondering what people here would think of tackling a conversion from "Lightcycle" to "Light Cycle".

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    Infobox Updates

    March 19, 2011 by WarBlade

    Example (Old Infobox)

    Hard to read caption
    Usage: Technology rez tool
    Users: N/A
    Circuitry Color: N/A
    And a footnote field that was seldom used

    For a while now, I've been doing some extensive overhauling of many of the info boxes. The one on the right is provided here to present an example of the old common one used for items (It's updated equivalent appears on the "Baton" page). The newer versions of the vehicle and equipment info boxes were adapted from info boxes already in use for characters, as well as cast and crew. Aside from updating those two, I've also implemented info boxes for "Locations".

    It is now time to review the info boxes used for Programs, and I want to get some feedback before diving into this project. Firstly, what will happen a…

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