Rinzler 2.0

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  • My occupation is Founder and Bureaucrat of the Fall of Cybertron Database
  • Rinzler 2.0

    I just came up with a crazy thought. What if we created a pages for the TRON Wiki on Facebook or Twitter? Things such as "Follow TRON Wiki on Twitter" and "Like TRON Wiki on Facebook" may attract attention and bring more editors to the Wiki.

    If you think it's a good idea, please say so. And if you think it's one of the worst ideas you've ever heard, you can say that too! I appreciate both positive and negative feedback.

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  • Rinzler 2.0

    We all know that Recognizers, Light Cycles, and other vehicles in TRON: Uprising look different than those in Evolution and Legacy. But, is it truly necessary to create their own pages? Disney most likely designed the vehicles' appearance differently, but not a different model/variant of these vehicles. My big concern is the Recognizer. Pages for those in the original TRON and those in Legacy and Evolution are understandable, but my opinion is that the Recognizer in Uprising is the same model as that in the 2010 movie and game, except for a slightly different appearance.

    My opinion is that, in the future, of course, the pages of Uprising vehicles should be combined with those of the vehicles in Legacy.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Rinzler 2.0

    In TRON: Uprising, Tron disappared after Clu's betrayal and took up the identity of the mysterious Rinzler to resist capture from Clu's forces. Unlike in TRON: Legacy, the name Rinzler was given to Tron after Clu repurposed him following the coup d'etat against Kevin Flynn.

    Was Tron somehow discovered and repurposed by Clu after the events of Uprising, and ironically given the same name he used in hiding?

    Is this the truth, or is the subject more of the non-canonical information given in TRON: Uprising? Please leave a comment with your answer, concern, or opinion.

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