• Reisse


    January 27, 2011 by Reisse

    The following is heavily loaded with opinion. Proceed at your own risk. Note: this is just a basic review.

    I loved this movie (seen it twice), even though I feel like it was cut short somehow. Warblade addressed this a bit in his own blog post, but it feels like it was missing an epic ending battle of some sort. It just sort of... stopped. It had a lot of potential there, especially if Rinzler and CLU had made it to the portal platform not before, but after, they arrived, just barely, and a huge battle ensued... and that was when Rinzler had his "revert to Tron" moment.

    Maybe there'll be something included in the DVD, some deleted epic scenes or something.

    As for my overall impact, I did love it as I said, but I was left really grasping for why C…

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