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    New user here.

    March 17, 2011 by Numb3r5ev3n

    Hello, I've lurked here for a while, but not joined until now.

    This got my notice today, but not in a positive way?

    'TRON 3': How to make it better than 'TRON: Legacy'


    (space between slashes and body of URL because wikia doesn't like me posting links, apparently.)

    Seriously? I think what the writer of this article wants is two hours of random light cycles, grid battles, and jump cuts of Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett interspersed with that same clip of Castor playing his air guitar cane that was in all the trailers looped over and over again to Daft Punk's soundtrack. While I can make a (crappy) YTMND of this, I think the author of this article was missing the point of everything th…

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