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NikoTron68 January 14, 2011 User blog:NikoTron68

I saw the original Tron Movie on the big screen with my dad. This was such a revolutionary movie for the technology that hollywood had. This had such a big impact in the gaming industry with Arcade businesses acroos the US and around the world. This spawned all computer users / programmers worldwide. Many people had a new vision and direction to take what was used then and improve upon it.

Today our computers can handle greater processers and storage for greater gaming and developing new software for all ages.

What do you think we will have in ten years from now? This has given many people hope to be the next software developer / gamer.

There is a gamer in everyone! What do you want to tap into for future.

Go forth and "hack the planet" (from the movie Hackers) with Tron! Prevail!

"Show me creativity!" (from the movie Anti-Trust).

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