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    A quick word on edits

    September 24, 2010 by Mr. Sinistar

    Greetings, programs! This is Mr. Sinistar, founder of Tron Wiki. When working on articles on stuff that's in the "Tron Universe", be sure to write the article as if it's "in-universe". That means no references to the movies or games or cast and crew unless if it's in the behind the scenes section or infobox. A fair amount of articles are still like this and we need help rewritting them so that they can fit this requirement. Thanks for understanding!


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  • Mr. Sinistar

    Starting today, you can now get achievement badges and points for your work on Tron Wiki! You can check out the leaderboard on the left side of the screen to see who's in the lead with the most points. Be sure to sign up if you haven't already to get your badges; anonymous edits don't count. Have fun and please don't abuse this system. Any cheating or edit spamming in order to get more badges and points will result in a ban.

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  • Mr. Sinistar


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  • Mr. Sinistar


    July 18, 2010 by Mr. Sinistar

    Flynn Lives has been updated with a new countdown timer! Identity Raid

    The time ends on July 22nd, 2:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT!

    Also, the code on the postcards have been revealed! It leads to a japanese ENCOM website!

    Encom Japan

    The website has a new game too! Circuit Cycles, a sequel to the original light cycles game! Be sure to complete all the levels to get a full set of ENCOM game postcards from Flynn Lives!

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  • Mr. Sinistar

    28 years ago, today, Tron was released in theaters! Time to celebrate by getting a cold one, some popcorn fresh from our vintage popcorn poppers and putting in our two-disk Tron DVD in the DVD player!

    In other news, Tron Legacy is on Twitter, so definitely be sure to stay tuned and get the latest updates directly from the source! Here's the link: Tron Legacy on Twitter

    Joseph Kosinski talks to IGN about what to expect at Comic Con. No Daft Punk, but they're hard at work recording with a full orchestra for the soundtrack. This music score is going to be so epic! The Straight Dope on Tron at Comic-Con @

    Finally, new pictures of the toys are out! Check them out right here!

    Spin Master Tron Legacy Toys!

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