Alan bradley encom event2

Alan Bradley makes his announcement while Lora looks from behind.

Alan Bradley, revealed in San Francisco today, an online version of Space Paranoids is going to be released very soon! Using Kevin Flynn's own source code from the original game, the game also features 15 never-before-seen levels designed by Flynn himself! Alan's wife, Lora even showed up at the conference to say Hi! Shortly after the executive consultant of ENCOM left, Flynn Lives Organizers invaded and took over the stage to declare their never-ending quest to find Kevin Flynn.

You can watch the entire event here!

Apparently someone was suppose to parachute from the helicopter while Alan was still on stage, finishing up his announcement, but the helicopter came by too early and had to be postponed until the end.

Nevertheless, this is awesome news for Tron fans, as we'll finally get to play Space Paranoids!!!

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