• Matias Arana

    Tron Wiki's Twitter

    April 12, 2011 by Matias Arana

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to share that the Tron Wiki has finally created a twitter to keep everyone updated about the Wiki and the sequel of Tron: Legacy! What are you waiting to follow us?

    FOLLOW US HERE. Spread the word, retweet and help our community grow, this means a lot to us.

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  • Matias Arana

    TRON 3 Is On The Way

    January 13, 2011 by Matias Arana

    For Walt Disney Pictures churning out sequels and turning hit movies into blockbuster franchises is just business as usual. Long before the company unleashed its 3D digital extravaganza, TRON: Legacy, there was little question about the possibility of TRON 3 being made.

    News about the animated TRON TV series was released last month and now reports are coming in that the Mouse House will greenlight a followup to TRON: Legacy soon, thus ensuring that the cyber world adventure franchise will continue to live on even longer.

    This rumor comes from Ain’t It Cool News, which says that Disney is quite pleased with the returns from the TRON sequel so far. TRON: Legacy has amassed some $300 million at the worldwide box office, which almost covers its …

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  • Matias Arana

    Your Opinion

    December 12, 2010 by Matias Arana

    Hello everyone. In honor to Tron's release next week, a helper from Wikia has offered me to publish a link of our site to some news sources, so we can get more traffic, and expand our user base. In order to achieve that, we need to write a little blurb about why you love the wiki, or why it's so important to you... just a couple of thoughts. We need to show those news sources why this is the best place to go for Tron information, and to show that we have some great users.

    This will only take about 2 minutes of your time, and it will help to make the wiki grow, a lot. Even if you're a visitor, or you don't know a lot about Tron, you can still help us by giving us some ideas to grow and imrpove this encyclopedia. Also, please let me know if y…

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  • Matias Arana

    Darezzed Music Video

    October 27, 2010 by Matias Arana

    It’s Tron Tuesday and that means Walt Disney Pictures has released new material promoting their upcoming tentpole pic, Tron Legacy. This week, it comes in the form of a snazzy music video/trailer.

    Electronic musical duo Daft Punk’s original score for the Tron sequel enhances the exciting mood of this action-packed preview, which includes brief snippets of not-yet-seen film footage.

    Props to Disney far excellent job of adding fuel to the fan-anticipation fire for Tron Legacy. The throwback Tron Legacy poster is both stylish and pays homage to the one-sheet for the original Tron, which has a solid cult following of its own. Marvel’s Tron-inspired makeover of its cherished superheroes is both creative and cool looking -- and Disney still has it…

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  • Matias Arana

    Tron Legacy is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, which is pretty surprising considering the massive amount of marketing material that Disney has put out for the film.

    Between all of the trailers and posters, you would think that moviegoers might be getting over-stimulated. Instead, each new item that comes out only gets people more excited.

    Take this new one-sheet for example. Not only does it look awesome on its own, but it’s also a throwback to a poster for the original Tron (hat tip to io9 for putting the two side-by-side). That’s not just cool, it’s cool on top of cool. In Tron terms, it’s like riding a light cycle while you’re having a disc battle.

    Anyway, you can check out the new poster (via Yahoo) below, along with the s…

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