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Hey, I'm KONNI! Welcome to 2015. First post for this year!

BTW, notice anything different about me? Yep, that's right, I'm a purple program now! That means I'm neutral! I can be either bad (like I used to be) or good. But mostly I'm good!

The title of this post was to say that I am moving out of my old house...and out of the Game Grid! Yes! That means I'm going to live in the real world! Like Quorra!

And I had a disc fight with my ex, Sark, last night. Derezzed him for good. And Master Control. So I really am good...maybe I will become a blue program soon. 

But I'm going to the real world! Maybe I'll meet my User, Kaylinda. And another thing, I have a new, upgraded Light Cycle! The 5th generation one! Everything got upgraded to 5th gen.

I'm leaving tonight. And I'll go to Disney World, too!

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