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End of line, program!

Konnichiku September 1, 2014 User blog:Konnichiku

...I didn't mean to say that.

Anyway, I looked up who my opponent would be, and it is Tron for the lightcycle match! OHMYUSERSRINZLERIHATEYOUIHATEYOURINZLEROHMYUSERS...

Actually, I don't believe in Users, and Rinzler is back to Tron now. I just said that because things weren't the way they were before when Tron was Rinzler. Thank goodness he took a bath in the Sea of Simulation after knowing that he shouldn't be like this, and his red faded back to blue!!!

For the disc game, I am playing against Yori for the first round and Clu for the second. I hate Yori. Luckily, I'm excellent at throwing discs, so I'll ace the first round.

Just got back from the Armory. It's basically kind of like the Armory from Tron Legacy, but more of a supermarket. And it's on South Megabyte Street, right across from my house! That means I can walk across the street from my house, and I'll be right at the front enterance of the Armory. The Arena, which is 50 miles away from my house, has a built-in Armory Outlet.

I've gotta go now. End of line.

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