• KingJosiah


    August 20, 2013 by KingJosiah

    So I've noticed something. The dates here are horribly inconsistent. One page will give one date, another gives a different date for the same event.

    So I went and I decided to try to figure out exactly WHEN the filmmakers set different defining events. Mainly, I just wanted to know my birthday in Tron Cycles. :P

    So here's how I figured things. There are three assumptions needed. Assumption 1: The date shown at the beginning of every TRON: Uprising episode (at the top next to the words Matrix Blaster and Space Paranoids) is the last date that Flynn rezzed into the Grid.

    Assumption 2: An entire cycle had yet to pass between the creation of Anon and the Coup.

    Assumption 3: Thetime screensaver seen in Legacy is accurate.

    So, with those three assum…

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