This is the one thing that bothers me most that I still cannot comprehend.

Has anyone else really noticed how the fantastic and technologically whimsical vistas in TRON epically changed for the worse in LEGACY?

The landscapes like glittering crystal and all the various colors, brilliantly illuminated sky, angular cloud-like shapes became nothing but dark jagged rock and depressive blackness?

One of the biggest things, (at least to me) that made TRON so spectacular was it's I could understand that as technology progressed and evolved (in-world and film-wise), that there would be changes. Even the fact that things might have gotten a bit grim in time.

But why no middle ground? There's none at all!

We saw no smooth progression in those flashbacks to Flynn and Tron. In LEGACY, we were shown scenes in the past... and they looked nothing remotely like the world from the original film. LEGACY basically says to us "It was always black and empty outside the city. It was when Flynn arrived and it still is." This was incredibly heartbreaking to me.

All I can assume is that Disney wanted to make things less complicated for anyone that never saw the original film. They must not have wanted to have people sit there and contemplate "Why was it bright back then and dark now?" Instead, they have fans like me sitting there in the theater at a complete loss why a side-point in the plot is about Quorra never having seen anything as pretty as the sun.

Pardon me while I headdesk a moment. " . . . " Not only did they alienate the fans of the original brightly lit landscapes, but they emphasized it with a main character from that very world claiming that such a sight never existed for that world!

(To me, that is essentially like god changing the sky to purple with no warning and then 20 years later all the clergy deny the sky was never anything but purple, because saying it was once blue is heresy.)

Am I the only one irritated that Disney rewrote part of our childhood memories to pacify the people that want action racing but can't be bothered to go watch/rent/livestream the original film that is the only reason why this new one exists? Does anyone else find that Disney was a tad disrespectful on this?

It isn't even just the scenery. Where did Yori go? Are they possibly going to solve this or address it in 3?

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