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    Hello Tron fans and Motorcitizens!  It’s been awhile since we’ve had time to really talk about your shows, so let’s give you a brief update.  First, we realized from the YJ campaign that we underestimated our translation of votes in to actual dollars – so while both of your fan groups are super enthusiastic about bringing your show back, we’re going to need to push the voting benchmarks higher on both of your shows.

    We truly hate pushing the hurdle farther away, but we (wrongly) assumed that because animation is significantly cheaper to create, it would take fewer votes for a “downpayment.”  What we didn’t realize is that the demographics for these shows consists largely of people unable or unwilling to pledge (so a vote works out to less t…

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    Rumors of cancellation alone have caused wide-spread outrage among all fans of Tron and Disney.

    After hearing of the possible cancellation, fans suggested the show to vote for the continuation of the animated series. - Vote For TRON: Uprising Season 2  - Our Twitter Petition Group (Save Tron Now)

    Tron: Uprising is held on As of April 2013 the show is undergoing a vote on the website if smgo should start funding for a season 2, the goal was set for 2500 votes, and now in August the set was changed to 15,000 votes (as of 25th of March 2014, the total was up to 3625). - Sign The Internet Petition (To Renew TRON: Upris…

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    The Revolution Begins

    January 20, 2013 by JarodMighty

    Greetings, friends!

    Together we will achieve great many things. I've created a revolution without disasters. I maintained it, I improved it. We'll have the chance, We will rise a protest against them. I Promised that we gotta work, stick and change the world: Together.

    My fellow friends let there be no doubt that we will not wait no more. For at this moment, The key to the next frontier is our show - TRON: Uprising for season 2 will soon finally be renewed and in our possession once again!

    And unlike Motorcity is already being cancelled, I will make Flynn Lives and this campagin open as well and available to all of us! YES TO ALL OF US! And whatever happens we find them, soon more people will grow. and soon our viewers will rise - Maximize mi…

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