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June 5, 2011
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  • DaftPunkGuy

    Similar Pictures?!!!

    March 10, 2012 by DaftPunkGuy

    The first pic is from TRON: Betrayal.

    The second pic is from TRON: Uprsing.

    They are both very similar....

    I wonder if the story in TRON: Uprsing will have elements of the story in TRON: Betrayal...

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    What does M mean?

    January 15, 2012 by DaftPunkGuy

    So before Tron: Legacy came out I was always wondering what the M logo on the bridge to Tron City meant. I first saw it when it showed a picture of your program that you can create on the official TRON website. At first I thought it was shortened for MCP. But Master Control Program wasn't even in Legacy!!!! I saw it again on this concept art:

    Please comment below and post what you think it means.

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    In the Tron series there have been numorous creatures such as Gridbugs , Infected Programs, monsters, etc. There might be more creatures to be discovered in the TRON universe later on. I believe this category would fit in well with other categories such as vehicles, weapons, characters, and places because it is another element of the TRON universe. Please place your opinion about this subject in the comments below.

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    What vehicle is this?

    December 18, 2011 by DaftPunkGuy

    This vehicle was seen in the scene where Sam is looking down at the rectifier in Tron legacy. You can see a car-like vehicle on the left of the three man light jet. I have no clue what this vehicle is called or what it can do. PLEASE CONTACT ME OR MAKE ANOTHER COMMENT OR BLOG TO TELL ME WHAT THIS UNKNOWN VEHICLE IS.

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