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  • DaftPunkGuy

    Watch the tv spot titled '''The Grid on the website for Disney XD. Some things that stand out in this tv spot are images of General Tesler, a Light Copter maybe?, a unique looking Light Cycle, and a different sounding version of the song The Son of Flynn by Daft Punk.

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    Just by looking at the footage for the upcoming animated series, TRON: Uprising I can find some MAJOR changes in animation and scenery. Here are some photos that compare the original footage from the teaser to the recently seen tv ads:

    1. A new Light Cycle design by Daniel Simon is replaced by the 5th Generation Light Cycle design from TRON: Legacy.

    2. Beck's Light Cycle is a different shade of blue and the two Light Cycle opponents appear to be red instead of the original yellow color from the first teaser trailer.

    3. The city is more of a green color than a light blue color.

    1. Again the colors and Light Cycle design have been changed.

    2.Also the images appear to be flipped.

    1. Beck appears to have less circuitry on his body.

    2. Again the col…

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  • DaftPunkGuy


    April 21, 2012 by DaftPunkGuy

    In recent tv ads and trailers for TRON: Uprising we get a look at Beck fighting against someone that appears to be very simmilar to Rinzler. In the trailer you can hear a rough sounding Rinzler (voiced by Bruce B.) ask Beck "You're not afraid?" Beck responds by simply saying "No" then Rinzler says "You should be" This new tv series just might end up being canon!

    Here are some pictures:

    Is it just me, or does this mysterious character look just like Rinzler?!!!

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    Who in the heck put derezzed under status on the Rinzler page?!!!! At the end of TRON: Legacy you can tell he is not dead because his lights change back to normal. I just want to say that whoever put derezzed under Rinzler's aka Tron's status is a complete IDIOT!

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    Anyone that owns this game or has played it before please share information about this game. What are the flying objects that shoot things called? Any information given about this game would help the Tron wikia out by giving us more info on this topic.

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