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  • DaftPunkGuy

    Fireworks fx

    June 24, 2012 by DaftPunkGuy

    I made this article to show some of you guys that are interested in the visuals of TRON some cool concept art and designs that you probably haven't seen before. I really enjoy looking at concept artwork and vehicle designs from TRON: Legacy. In this concept art, we get a better look at some of the designs for the fireworks above the Light Cycle Arena. There are also a few other visually stunning pictures on this link:

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    I recently saw a commercial promoting TRON: Uprising on Disney XD's YouTube channel. I have to say I thought the commercial was a little annoying and cheesy. It shows two kids at a diner talking about the awesome vehicles in TRON: Uprising. They show an image of a (Light Copter) and the kid calls it a Light Chopper!!!! It was confirmed on Disney XD's website that the helicopter is called a (Light Copter). They also show a picture of the (Rough Terrain Light Cycle) which they call a LIGHT CRAWLER!!!!! We don't know the exact name for the (Rough Terrain Light Cycle) yet, but we do know that the ATV that Beck finds is called a (Light Crawler). This was confirmed in a magazine article about animation. THE ONLY VEHCILE THAT THEY NAMED RIGHT WAS…

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    In the first episode of TRON: Uprising called Beck's Beginning we already get many views of new vehicles in the TRON universe. Most of the unamed new vehicles are seen in Able's garage. There are also some crashed/abandoned vehicles we see in a junkyard in the Outlands. I wrote this article to show people on this wiki the vehicles to look for in the show. We may learn the names of these vehicles later on or they may nevert be mentioned. PAY FULL ATTENTION TO THESE VEHICLES THROUGHOUT THE SERIES SO THE NAMES CAN BE IDENTIFIED.

    Here are the vehicles to look out for:

    (Vehicles that can travel on land or water are seen on the bottom of Able's garage and the vehicles that are capable of flying/hovering are seen hanging on strings from the ceiling of…

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    The first full episode of TRON: Uprising called Beck's Beginning is now on Disney XD's YouTube channel! The first episode will also be available to download for free on iTunes on May 14th, 2012 (tommorrow). Beck's Beginning is also scheduled to air on Disney XD on May 18th, 2012 (this Friday). Here is a few upcoming dates for TRON: Uprising:

    Sunday, May 13
    "TRON: Uprising, Beck's Beginning" will be available on YouTube via Disney X D's Facebook Page.

    Monday, May 14
    "TRON: Uprising, Beck's Beginning" will be available on iTunes as a free download.

    Tuesday, May 15
    Disney X launches a new side-scrolling adventure-puzzle game, "Escape from Argon City," in which players help Beck master his light disc throwing skills to defeat General Tesler's arm…

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  • DaftPunkGuy

    New Vehicles

    May 7, 2012 by DaftPunkGuy

    So far, there has been lots of new vehicles featured in TRON: Uprising. Here are some:

    1. New Recognizer design

    2. Light Rail

    3. New Light Cycle design

    3. Light Crawler

    4. Light Copter

    5. Another new Light Cycle design

    6. A Light Ship???? (Behind Able)

    7. General Tesler's Command Ship???? (Just a guess)

    The vehicles in the TRON Universe have always been one of my favorite parts. I'm so happy to see more vehicles to expand the TRON Universe!!!

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