I recently saw a commercial promoting TRON: Uprising on Disney XD's YouTube channel. I have to say I thought the commercial was a little annoying and cheesy. It shows two kids at a diner talking about the awesome vehicles in TRON: Uprising. They show an image of a (Light Copter) and the kid calls it a Light Chopper!!!! It was confirmed on Disney XD's website that the helicopter is called a (Light Copter). They also show a picture of the (Rough Terrain Light Cycle) which they call a LIGHT CRAWLER!!!!! We don't know the exact name for the (Rough Terrain Light Cycle) yet, but we do know that the ATV that Beck finds is called a (Light Crawler). This was confirmed in a magazine article about animation. THE ONLY VEHCILE THAT THEY NAMED RIGHT WAS THE LIGHT CYCLE, WHICH IS PRETTY OBVIOUS!!!!! Anyway, here is the link to the commercial:

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