• Bob Plissken

    Is "TRON" really just a stupid fantasy B-movie with a lot of special effects? It seems simple enough. It's a Disney movie, and people laugh at it. What the hell, really, is "TRON?"

    Is it a film about technology? Is it a film about being stuck inside technology? Is it like the MATRIX?

    I'll explain. TRON is madness. TRON is art. TRON is insanity at its finest. TRON is more than you think it is.

    TRON is more than the MATRIX, no matter how many hip phrases they use in those Wachowski films. It is operating on a different level, asking different questions. TRON is an abstract brain twister that appears to be quite benign. There are many levels operating inside TRON which involve allegory, and symbolism, they involve mythological connections and mu…

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