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    Another pass on Legacy and another run through the novelization of Tron proper, and something's bothering me. There's a lot about Kevin Flynn's behavior that adds up more to a case of anti-hero or (come Betrayal and Legacy) something dangerously close to villain. Of course, part of that in Legacy are the writers; Horowitz and Kitiss run entirely on grayscale morality and characters who aren't as clear-cut on the alignment scale as they appear on first pass (just look at OUaT and LOST). That being said, here are the points bothering me about that character.

    1) He's established as a guy who has a natural gift for business, programming, and persuading others to do what he wants (Alan and Lora should have been immune to his bullshit, but look how fast h…

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    This is the third and last installment in the Tron 2.0 Guide. Again, for those who have played it, please feel free to add or comment on what I marked down here, especially any notes you may have for Ghost in the Machine where 95% of it turned out to be a mind screw.

    This section focuses on the characters and how they might fit into a canon timeline.

    Character Notes:

    Jethro Eugene Bradley:
    For the record, he never goes by “Jethro.” In The Ghost in the Machine comic, he is quick to tell the shrink that even his dad calls him “Jet.” First impressions are that he is a laid-back sort and mostly interested in making games, even turning down a promotion Alan was trying to arrange for him in order to become a lead programmer on Encom's next game. Scra…

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    2.0's Timeline
    Tron 2.0 states that Master Control was destroyed sometime prior to Feb 1982. With the loss of the MCP, no one at Encom was able to replicate the digitizing technology. Of course, for those of us working with Legacy, the dodge involved would be Flynn still had access, but decided to keep it quiet. Maybe his pattern was stored in there and would be safe, and that he was able to tinker with the algorithms from the inside after seven years of experimenting; possibly with the Isos' help. Maybe he was about to announce that he'd solved that issue and introduce the Isos when Clu decided to take over, and this could be used as a dodge for that Idiot Ball Flynn was carting in regards to why he was making regular trips into cyberspace…

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    As many know, there were two sequels to Tron: Tron Legacy, which is canon, and the 2004 first-person shooter Tron 2.0, which has unfortunately been declared "non-canon," and downgraded to apocrypha.

    However, that does it a great disservice as 2.0 has a rich array of characters, weaponry, scenarios, and situations to add to the greater whole of the setting. Furthermore, there is only a single detail that puts the timelines in direct conflict. Otherwise, the events of Tron 2.0 could be ported into Legacy-compliant fanfic with very little trouble. In fact, it is not uncommon to find a nod to Jet or Ma3a inside what is otherwise straight-up Legacy scenarios.

    This is half-review and half analysis of Tron 2.0, with an emphasis on what fanf…

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