Hey guys! Just wondering: how did u feel about the newest Uprising episode "Identity"? It certainly explained more about what would happen to programs losing their identity discs and maybe a little insight on why Clu started taking stray programs for repurpose.

Personally, my favorite part was, obviously, when we get to see Tron fight! I mean, we saw him kindda fight Beck for a short time in Beck's Beginning but we all know he was holding back. This time round, we actually get to see our idol fight (maybe not "idol" but there's no Tron without Tron)! I absolutely loved the music that played when Kobol was charging towards him. To me, it said something along the lines of "This is Tron, the protector and legendary hero of The Grid. There's no way you can beat him." When Kobol said "Who are you?" in shock, it really brought about a sense of Tron's skills despite his current condition. I almost expected him to say "I'm Tron!" just like Beck did to Paige, though, as there's no confirmation about this, I would've liked him to say "...Rinzler" or something like that. It would've been awesome. XD

So anyway, those my thoughts. What about yours?

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