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December 31, 2010
  • I live in Where Gods and Kings collide
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Amateur Writer, musician, comic artist and videogamer
  • I am Male
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{{Infobox User|name=The Valader
{{Era|Tron Legacy}}
|join date=30 December 2010
|name = Val
|caption =
|gender = male
|lifeform = Artificial Intelligence
|jobs = Rogue
|circuitry = Green
|vehicle = [[Lightcycle]]}}
|birth date=October 16 1993
|fave1=Write stories
|fave3=Play Videogames
|fave4=Stick into the Grid
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Gender: male
Lifeform: Artificial Intelligence
Jobs/Functions: Rogue
Circuitry Color: Green
Vehicle: Lightcycle


Greetings members of the wikia system. My name is The Valader, or simply being called Val in other sectors of this Wikia. My user programmed me to be clandestine helper of this system. I fight for the preservation of the data files this and numerous other sectors create from malicious an corrupted programs.

I hope I can commune with the programming of this sector, and I'm wise knowing of html and wiki-syntax coding, I'm also administrator and rollback in the following wikis.

This Program has 60 edits


Written by the user


Val was before a military system monitor. I don't really know from which military government, but one thing is sure: He was going to be derezzed by his own creator when their system was to be upgraded. I immediately sent my probe programs to seek, found it and extract it to my computer server. He was really damaged, and the probe's reports informed that security systems tried to delete him when they discovered my doings, just as any confidential military strain would do.

Fortunately for me, I keep my tracks close to the chest.

When Val came, his ID registered as 65001. In order to avoid detection from the ones I stole the program, and repaired the deleted part the security monitors succeeded to derezze. I reprogrammed his function, registered him under the name "Val" (as an abbreviation to his entire cap. name "The Valader" which is a lost last name in the world). While he's not sneaking into web locations finding trojan viruses and sneaky little computer bugs, he's here reverting malicious edits from vandals, trolls and spammers.

Tron-like AppearanceEdit

Val has green circuitry as a legacy attribute to his past service as a military system monitor. He wears a cloak to hide his combat suit from other programs. His identity disc, once containing only pure fighting experience, now learned the ability to sneak in and out of the different systems he visits looking for small virus to hunt. His experience as a monitor alongside programming from his new user allows him to scan and learn how the system he's located works, tracking down his targets normally merged within the system's community.

He's quite reserved in personality, and he has sadistic tendencies, which he hides from the wikia system. Instead, he looks for small viruses to erase temporarily his lust for vengeance. He's friends from programs of his user's system and they are the only ones he talks to and associates. But he was also spotted creating relationships with other programs inside the Wikia system.


Green programThis user's circuitry color is Green.
MaleThis user is male.

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