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Rinzler 2.0
The Enforcer
Gender: Male
Lifeform: User
Jobs/Functions: Enforcer of Clu
Overseer of the Game Grid
Circuitry Color: Orange
Vehicle: Carrier Ship
"Greetings programs, I am Rinzler, enforcer of our great leader Clu."
―Rinzler 2.0
Attention, program. You are entering the Grid sector under the control of Rinzler 2.0, enforcer of our great leader Clu. Any hostile acts in this vicinity will result in your own deresolution. In order to contact the enforcer, please embed your message into the Communications Nexus (Talk Page).

About Me

I am Rinzler 2.0, enforcer of Clu. Shortly after my digitization from the Real World, I was chosen by Clu to replace the original Rinzler that betrayed our leader. I have never returned into the Real World, and do not intend to ever do so. Aside from by primary function, I commonly oversee tournaments on the Game Grid and accompany Black Guards on their assignments.

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