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October 29, 2010

About meEdit

Hey! all I can honestly say that Tron: Legacy has to be the greatest movie that i ever have seen! So I feel compelled to try and make this wiki as good as it can be so others can learn all about the awesome universe of Tron, and come to enjoy it as much as I do.

Projects to comeEdit

  • Complete revamp of the light disc/ Identity disk page(s)
  • Initiate the Tron wiki "Weapon Demonstration project" which demonstrates all of the weapons that appear in the various canon Tron games (begining with the disc mod's from Tron: Evolution).
  • Due to the above, add a seperate disc mod page which is seperate from the "Anon's Disc" page
  • Fixing improper Sentances/ Paragraphs (this I saw recently)

"In a videogame named Tron Evolution, a prequel to the film Tron Legacy, we firts met Quorra and find Tron mantaining security of the cyberspace as in the original adventure. Pay attention to his suit, it confirms rumors and speculations about becoming another character in the film Tron Legacy. See the video below to compare with the trailer above and make your own conclusions." Please note! just because you think something is similar... does not mean it confirms a rumour! only sourced canon information can confirm this, nor should a question be posed in an article (except on certain pages like your user page). and a side note, check the part you add/ edit for spelling mistakes (the underlined words in the paragraph above should have been "first meet".

Oh, and I saw this whilst browsing around [1], funny, but don't do it again!

Orange Circuity... if only... but it doesn't exist (as of yet). However i would like to find out the various colours of circuitry in tron, and what they are afilliated with.

well, now that I got that off my chest... I guess I'd better get back to editing.
Lynksis 06:03, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

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