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Greetings programs! I am Jeyo. At the moment, TRON is dominating my life. I sort of go through phases. First it was Star Wars, then Lord of the Rings, then TRON, then Lord of the Rings again, back to Star Wars and now here I am again, more into TRON than I ever have been before. These are most of the things I like to do:

  • Draw
  • Create characters
  • Read (Harry Potter, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and Battlefield Earth)
  • Write
  • Compose music (For the the books / movies I'm writing)
  • Act out battle scenes (and then put them into storyboards so I won't forget any cool moves)
  • Talk
  • And edit the Tron Wiki
IMG 0654
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
DescriptionStandard program appearance; designs like ram horns on his helmet
Other information
FunctionsSystem Monitor for Clu 2
EquipmentIdentity Disc
Light Sword
Light Grenades
Tron chute
VehiclesLight Cycle
Light Jet
Black Guards
Out of universe information


Klorr throws his disc

So yeah... that's about it!

To do list

  • Add pictures to Beck
  • Expand General Tessler
  • Expand Mara
  • Create separate pages for each TRON: Uprising episode
  • Add the TRON: Betrayal era icon to all TRON: Betrayal-related subjects
  • Expand Argon City

Pages I have created

  1. Hacker program
  2. Memory
  3. Abraxas's Identity Disc
  4. Stun Pike
  5. Recognizer (disambiguation)
  6. Light Cycle (TRON: Uprising)
  7. Bodhi
  8. Gibbs Jr.
  9. Repurpose (Deleted / merged with the Lexicon page)
  10. Type "A" Light Cycle
  11. Pavel
  12. ENCOM Board of Directors (Deleted / merged with the ENCOM page)
  13. The END
  14. Unmasked Guard
  15. Light Cycle (rough terrain)
  16. Light Charge
  17. Recoder
  18. Light Taser
  19. Light gun (Deleted)
  20. Identity Disc/Gallery
  21. Stun Pike/Gallery
  22. Staff/Gallery
  23. Radia/Gallery
  24. Siren/Gallery
  25. Beta/Gallery
  26. ISO/Gallery
  27. System Monitor/Gallery
  28. Bit/Gallery
  29. Gridbug/Gallery
  30. Pavel/Gallery
  31. Light Cabler (Deleted)
  32. Crom/Gallery
  33. Renegade Strike (Re-created; previously created by DaftPunkGuy)
  34. TRON: Legacy/Gallery
  35. Data Pusher/Gallery
  36. TRON: Uprising/Gallery
  37. Light suit/Gallery
  38. Able/Gallery

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