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  • I live in The Milky Way Galaxy
  • I was born on November 27
  • I am Male
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[[File:Bit_-1.png|thumb|184px]]Hello I am Fastcar900. My brother is Fastcar700. I am a huge Sci-fi fan including Star Trek, Star Wars and TRON. I am also a huge LEGO fan. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite colors are blue and red. Live long and prosper!
Welcome To The Grid, {{USERNAME}}![[File:Fastcar900_User_Page.png|center]]
==My Favorite Wikis==
*[ Star Trek: The Next Generation Wiki]
*[ Star Trek: The Original Series Wiki]
*[ Memory Alpha]
*[ LEGO Space Wiki]
*[ Lego® Star Wars Wiki]
*[ TRON Wiki]
*[ Lego Ninjago Wiki]
*[ Minifigure Wiki]
*[ Space Police Wiki]
*[ LEGO Mars Mission wiki]
*[ Ninjago Wiki]
*[ LEGO Message Boards Wiki]
*[ LEGO Indiana Jones Wiki]
== My Favorite Media Wikis ==
*[ The Ninjago Wiki]

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