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The following are references and parodies of TRON in television.

The SimpsonsEdit

Sark simpsons

Treehouse of Horror VI (Season 7, Episode 6)Edit

In the story segment, Homer³, Homer accidentally enters into an eerie third dimension (represented by 3D computer graphics). When Homer tried to explain his surroundings to everyone in his is living room, he says, "Uh... it's like... did anyone see the movie 'TRON?" to which everyone replies, "No", except for Chief Wiggum who at first says yes but changes his answer to no.

The Spy Who Learned Me (Season 23, Episode 20)Edit

Family GuyEdit

Family guy tron

Peter Griffin as "the green guy".

A Hero Sits Next Door (Season 1, Episode 5)Edit

When Peter faces the possibility of being fired, he has a flashback of his previous job as a Calvin Klein model. In the flashback, various models are heard thinking such things as, “I don’t want to be different, but I don’t want to be the same." As the camera pans to Peter, he thinks to himself, "What was the name of the bad guy from TRON? Aww, this is gonna drive me nuts."

One if by Clam, Two if by Sea (Season 3, Episode 4)Edit

In yet another flashback, Peter is seen reenacting the light cycle sequence. One of the opponents that Peter is racing against, Eric, is actually a high-school friend of his. As they exchange greetings while driving, Eric says to Peter, "Hey, is that Stacy Beachum?" Peter looks behind to see that the high-school hottie is not there and crashes into Eric's. This was produced by Area51 the visual effects artists are Don McCoy ( and Glenn Campbell.


Law and Oracle screenshot 2

A Bicyclops Built for Two (Season 2, Episode 13)Edit

The Planet Express crew entering cyberspace may be a reference to TRON.

Love and Rocket (Season 4, Episode 4)Edit

The Scene where the Planet Express ship chases Bender in cyberspace is a reference to Tron.

Law and Oracle (Season 6, Episode 16)Edit

A Farewell to Arms (Season 9, Episode 2)Edit

Robot ChickenEdit

Dexter's LaboratoryEdit

Game Over (Season 1, Episode 7)Edit

Dexter tron1

Dexter in his "beam cycle".

This episode of Dexter's Laboratory is essentially a parody/tribute to TRON. Every time Dexter plays a video game with his sister, Dee Dee, he always loses, despite his superior intellect. To make things worse, Dexter's dad buys him an old video game cartridge called "Master Computer" (that he bought from a gypsy for a nickel). When Dee Dee sees the game, she provokes Dexter to challenge her at the game. Dexter loses and kicks Dee Dee out of his secret laboratory. When Dexter tries to pull out the cartridge out of his state-of-the-art computer, the game comes alive in the form not unlike the MCP and begins to take over Dexter's computer with a virus.With the Master Computer game loaded in Dexter's computer, he tells Dexter his plans on taking over the world. Dexter runs towards the emergency shut off switch, but Master Computer digitizes Dexter with one of his laboratory lasers. Dexter, now inside his computer tries to destroy Master Computer, but to no avail - even when using a beam cycle. After getting caught in a "grid spider's website", he regrettably gets Dee Dee to help him defeat the evil program. Dee Dee successfully derezzes Master Computer and saves Dexter's life and as she removes the cartridge, Dexter tells her to return him back to the real world. However, Dee Dee makes him play a game of "Primal Fighter" in the computer, where he is then senselessly beaten up by a giant ape.

Fairly OddParentsEdit


Timmy, Chester, and AJ in a video game world

Power Mad (Season 1, Episode 2)Edit

Timmy tells his Fairy Godparents that he wishes for the best video game ever and using a virtual reality plays the game inside the video game console, ala TRON. He even wears a TRON-inspired suit in the virtual world.



The TRON poster seen in the background.

Chuck Bartowski, the title character, has a TRON poster on his bedroom wall, suggesting that he is a fan of the cult classic.

The Daily Show with Jon StewartEdit

TRON was referenced during the 2004 election special of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Indecision 2004: Election Night - Prelude to a Recount. The opening light cycle sequence is satirically shown during a segment where Daily Show correspondent Bob Wiltfong is explaining to host Jon Stewart how election votes are electronically sent.[1]


Main article: Automan

A 1983 sci-fi TV series, which mirror the main plot of TRON: a program "hologram" brings to real life to help his creator to fight against crime.


Main article: Freakazoid!

The Chip, Part I (Season 1, Episode 6)Edit

Dexter Douglas gets the new Pinnacle Chip for his computer. Dexter's cat steps on the keyboard and enters the secret combination of letters and numbers that sucks Dexter into the computer when he hits the "delete" key, turning him into Freakazoid.

The Chip, Part II (Season 1, Episode 7)Edit

Dexter unleashes Freakazoid for the first time in defeating the evil Guitierrez.


Main article: ReBoot

South ParkEdit


The Cartoon Network show Mad (based on the magazine) features a segment called "Soul Tron," which is a blend of the original TRON and Soul Train. It features the setting and elements of TRON with a music-based aspects, such as Identity Disks instead being records.

Another Mad sketch, featuring a crossover between Winnie the Pooh and another Jeff Bridges movie, featured Kevin Flynn (identified only as "Jeff Bridges from TRON") and Clu 2 (identified only as "Young Jeff Bridges from TRON") teaming up as bounty hunters to capture Tigger. They also both utilized a fifth-generation Light Cycle.

Another Mad sketch, featuring a segment called "Minute to Flynn It," which is a blend of TRON: Legacy and Minute to Win It. It features Clu 2 challenging Sam to prove that he is the superior player on the grid with various mediocre challenges.

TRON T-Shirt from a May, 2008 Episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' TV Show 4887

Sheldon wears a TRON (1982) T-shirt; of course, this episode aired 1.5 years before TRON: Legacy came out; Season 1, Episode 15 "The Pork Chop Indeterminacy" (5 May 2008)

The Big Bang TheoryEdit

Sheldon Cooper sometimes wears a TRON T-Shirt.

Phineas and FerbEdit

In the episode "Where's Perry Part 1", when Doofenshmirtz is showing his "inators", one of them is called a "Derezz-inator".

Hocus PocusEdit

During the Halloween costume-party sequence in this 1993 film, a reveler in the crowd is seen wearing Ram's armor and helmet.

Gravity FallsEdit

During the "Fight Fighters" episode, Soos can be seen playing "NORT" arcade game which is TRON reversed.

Adventure TimeEdit


Finn and Jake in the video game world.

Orange Princess, a background charecter on the show, was originally named "Tron Princess".

Guardians of Sunshine (Season 2, Episode 16)Edit

Finn and Jake trick BMO into letting them into the video game called Guardians of Sunshine, where they attempt to defeat an unbeatable video game in a 3-D digital environment, ala TRON.

Once Upon A TimeEdit

Once Upon a Time was created by TRON: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and contained a number of TRON references.

What Happened to Frederick (Season 1, Episode 13)Edit

Regina gives Henry a Space Paranoids game to play, and Emma tells him that the skills involved are "all in the wrist." Henry also has a TRON lunchbox, which reappears in subsequent episodes as a TRON: Legacy lunchbox. 

Welcome to Storybrooke (Season 2, Episode 17)Edit

A '80s-era flashback featured a recent widower named Kurt Flynn and his young son. Flynn is trapped by evil forces in a magical town which was rendered invisible to outside authorities; in a subsequent episode, the orphaned son returns to the town twenty-eight years later in  to search for his missing father. In addition, a bench features an ad for computer products clearly marked with an ENCOM logo.

The GoldbergsEdit

Adam Goldberg is seen to wear TRON shirts several times during the series, which is set in the 1980s.

TRON 'The Goldbergs' TV Show Episode - 1.08 (Nov. 2014) 3606

TRON 'The Goldbergs' TV Show Episode # 1.08 (Nov. 2014)

The Kremps
(Season 1, Episode 8)

Adam befriends his neighbor Chad Kremp, finding common ground over their extreme love of TRON. Chad has seen TRON sixteen times ("my mom's actually kind of worried"), wears a homemade version of Tron's armor and helmet, and constructed a blue cardboard lightcycle shell to fit over his bicycle.


Gut Check (Season 11, Episode 9)Edit

Gibbs and DiNozzo visit NSA HQ to call on Ellie Bishop. The first person they meet there is Special Agent Chad Flynderling, who tells them to call him Flynn and is not amused that eternal movie buff DiNozzo immediately says, "Flynn? Like Jeff Bridges in TRON?"

Later in the episode, Bishop puts her earbuds back in, thinking the meeting is over, and Flynderling apologizes to Gibbs for the reclusive-data-geek behavior he’d described earlier. Bishop says, "Still hear you, Jeff Daniels," and Flynderling retorts, "Jeff Daniels wasn’t in TRON; that was Jeff Bridges." DiNozzo, of course, takes the opportunity to tease him about being a fan after all.

Tom and Jerry TalesEdit

Digital Dilemma (Season 1, Episode 6)Edit

3375129-1179925495 1

Tom builds a home PC out of junk and winds up getting zapped inside it, along with Jerry, whom he chases through the digital realm, even playing a game of Pong with a fiery ball of energy reminiscent of Crom and Flynn's jai alai game.


Advanced Gay (Season 3, Episode 6)Edit

Dean Pelton, who often appears in random costumes during the show, dresses up in a dark jumpsuit and helmet with luminescent green lines. When asked by Abed if the getup was inspired by Tron, the dean replies, "What's Tron?"


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