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BG chute01
Tron chute
UsageAerial drop pack
UsersBlack Guard, Beck
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising
TRON: Legacy

Tron chutes are accoutrements of the Black Guard that are equipped on their backs to facilitate aerial drops. When deployed, they appear as eight wiry appendages supporting four energy webs with a hexagon pattern. The Black Guards can use their Tron chutes to control their descent in a manner very similar to using a parachute. A landing is often quite heavy and can take some skill to avoid injury. Even under the controlled descent of a Tron chute a Black Guard can still derez a program unlucky enough to be caught directly in the path of the fall.

Tron chutes are housed in a compartment on the soldier's upper back with the appendages tucked four each side of the identity disc. When activated, the back panel pops out from the rest of the armor allowing the wires to snap out and down. They then unfold out and up into an X-pattern, before unfolding a final time into their flight positions. Once they are stable they rez their four energy wings.

BG chute02

Black Guard combat drop

Tron chutes are shown in the build up to the Black Guard attack on the End of Line Club, where a squad of guards drop from a Recognizer to launch a surprise assault through the top of the club. The chute features a second time when Sam Flynn steals one to effect an escape from Clu's Command Ship. This escape demonstrates the Tron chute's ability to support body weight owing to the presence of Quorra hanging on as a passenger.


  • In TRON: Evolution, Black Guards are seen using their Tron chutes to evade attacks and quickly maneuver across the battlefield.

Tron Chute Deployment

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