Reason for Creating PageEdit

I created this page because, as a fan of Tron, I thought that the promotion of the movie featured some very interesting promotional licensing deals, and that this was one of them. I promise that I am in no way affiliated with the company, or have any promotional stake in this page's success; I simply took note of the products, and thought that a page detailing them on this wiki would be useful and interesting. If there are no objections, I intend to also detail some of the other promotions that were created to coincide with the release of the movie. However, I do not wish to step on any toes, so if an administrator would prefer that I not do so, then I will not continue with these plans.

Wdlkey 23:15, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

I've removed the links to the reviews. The precedent has already been set with other articles about merchandising tie-ins. It's fine for the moment. I might be forced to remove this kind of content at some later stage, but as long as it focuses on simply describing the items, I have no problem with it. -- WarBlade 00:04, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

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