Tron/Rinzler a stray Edit

Tron/Rinzler a strayEdit

During the scuffle on the Rectifier's bridge, Rinzler lost both of his identity disks, and he didn't retrieve them for the rest of his screen time.

So would the future hold for Tron that he'll become a stray, suffering from memory loss and glitches, like strays in the TV-series?  Or would this have affected him at all in such a manner, as he must have received his disk when he was originally captured by Sark and the MCP.

Could the loss of his disks have allowed his previous personality to resurface, as the identity of Rinzler was most likely housed in one or both of those disks?

Theory: All programs that were created on the Grid were written to need identity disks.  Tron was from an older system where this seems to have not been a requirement (other than imposition by the MCP).  So if any other program on the Grid lost their disk, they would lose their memory and personality.  Tron's base personality would not be bound by this restriction.  If anything, the personality of Rinzler would have been stored in the disks, and when he lost them, he gradually lost the new personality when Tron regained control. 13:53, November 18, 2013 (UTC)

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