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Content dispute Edit

Ok, User:WarBlade, what's your deal? You do not own this wiki, not every edit others make needs to be reverted. The picture of Sam Flynn we have looks stupid. The one I'm putting in is more suitable. Your tactics are not making this community a collaborative one, you're making people feel unwelcome. --~~

The image that you say looks stupid is from one of the trailers, and trailer images are some of the least likely to cause us issues with copyrights. And as far as opinions are concerned, I'd say the trailer image does well to capture Sam's cocky, brash attitude.
As for switching "adventurer" to "daredevil," please don't do that again. Daredevil is a term based on euphemism, and euphemism is not always easy to comprehend for people with English as a second language, while the previous description of "adventurer" was perfectly viable. Given that the Ben Affleck movie Daredevil also encountered problems with the character name in certain regions where strong religious views held sway, it is also apparent that we can better accommodate a broader base of readers by avoiding terms with religious connotations. -- WarBlade (talk) 21:09, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

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