Game Arena - Terminology ExplanationEdit

I just wanted to explain why I switched the Tron:Legacy arena content to the term "Game Arena".

In applying infoboxes to various locations I hit the snag where "Game Grid" in Tron (wiki pages) is written to encompass an area the equivalent of the "Grid" in Tron: Legacy. That created a problem when I was trying to refer to Tron City's arena alone and the end result got tangled up with a large part of Tron's digital world.

The official website has both terms listed. "Game Grid" focusing on the arena when browsing through menus, and "Game Arena" when playing the Lightcycle or Light Jet flash game. I felt that the best interpretation to avoid tripping over article terms was to use "Game Arena" for the title, and use "Game Grid" (and "Light Cycle Grid" mentioned in the movie by Quorra) purely in the context of the arena floor, or combat area. -- WarBlade 07:43, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

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