The Other RenegadeEdit

Cyrus. He's a complex individual. He has been called many things: "The Stranger", "The Captain", "The Light Beast", "The Dragon", "The Pretender", "The First Renegade", and, most often... "Aaron Paul's NEW big break"! Do you wanna know the story of this monster? If you do, continue reading, but if you DON'T... get outta here while you still can: this story is a story of the most evil of all villains.

Once a friendly program, saving iconic and inspiring co-stars (I think you know who I'm talking about), who many thought he would only appear once. But little did we know, he became the first renegade! It seemed as if Tron had tamed Cyrus, but Cyrus was far from tamed, beneath his benevolent demeanor was a power-hungry, cold-hearted, and manipulative program who lacked any significant degree of compassion, and it was already very clear that there was something very, very strange about him. Cyrus's behavior was enough to know that he was not to be trusted. And when Tron confronted Cyrus about this, Cyrus revealed that he wasn't a program, he wasn't an ISO, and he wasn't even a virus, but some type of creature who had glowing lines all over him! Tron was able to subdue the monster and imprisoned it in compressed space, and Tron realized what a huge mistake he made by letting it become the renegade, Cyrus didn't care for the title, and even if it did, it loved it's job like a dragon loves it's gold, and a love fueled by greed is never a true commitment.

When I first saw "The Stranger", I had no idea who that mystery program was... the one with glowing lines on his face, who claimed he was the first Renegade, and was wanting to destroy his own universe just to "free" his fellow programs from their "suffering"... until I looked on the wiki to find out the truth about this strange creature. When I watched the episode "No Bounds", where I saw what the monster was truly capable of, I realized, "This guy's more dangerous than I thought! How the Grid could I had been so BLIND?! HE's no program... He's some kind of monster!".

But the question is, what IS Cyrus?! He is certainly not a program, a program would never do these evil things. I know what he is: A Beldam Strangerous! A rare form of dragon. The Beldam Strangerous, or The Stranger, is a rare, power-hungry, wingless, tailless, flightless, non-flame breathing, humanoid dragon that takes the form of friendly characters and preys on Iconic characters. They show kindness, and compassion, but overtime their kindness twists into insanity, and they betray the ones they befriend. They often attack their victims when they betray them, and when they prepare to kill them, the Beldam tells them that they must admit something, mainly that the beast is more powerful than the victim, or that the victim wants to be killed. It is said that there is only one in the world, and takes the voice of one man, but might just take the voice of another.

If you are wondering where this beast resides currently, look into the second season of The Legend of Korra: you will see him again when the spirits are feeling rebellious, and you will see him last when the light appears in the dark. And he will be disguised as a man who is related to the main character, a brother who wants power, and wants to repeat his cycle of destruction.

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