In the beginning of Legacy, Jarvis says to Clu that his initiative can be done in "12 cycles." It can be assumed that initiative is his invasion of the Real World. That implies that a millicycle is actually a greater length of time than a cycle, because his initiative requires the Portal to be only, and it only stays open for one millicycle. [[Korann]] Lives 17:05, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

Math is wonky without percieved grid time

Okay, time to get the math straight. I've noticed that the years Flynn has been trapped on the grid has changed about 5 times in the last few months.

At current the page goes to great length to explain how many cycles are in a year. (50 cycles to a year real time) But then fails to make include that calculation in how many years Flynn has been stuck on the grid (saying Clu has been after Flynn's Disc for a 1,000 cyles and Flynn has been in there for a "1,000 years", or as it appears to the reader: 1 cycle to 1 year in the current version).

Technically if we are going by 50 cycles to 1 year and it's been a 1,000 cycles, some pretty basic math appears to say Kevin Flynn has been trapped for 20 years. This is not intune with math done on other pages, which state that time goes by at 50 cycles to a 1,000 years. (See Kevin Flynn's Age Page)

Since Kevin's Flynn's Age states 50 cycles to 1,000 years (which also references the 'Hello Flynn' Website, which would be at least the MOST canonical) That puts 1 cycle at 20 years.

So.. Time to make a decision, as at current the page seems to say three different things:

1 cycle = 20 years (Making Flynn 20,000 years old)

1 cycle = 7.3 days (Making Flynn 50 or so years old)

1 cycle = 1 year (Making Flynn 1,000 years old from his view point, which is the least likely according to the current math discussed)

Result: Time to change the table.

There needs to be a difference between percieved grid time and real time. THERE IS A DIFFERNCE and it's not being explained, causing all the problems with confusion on the math.

1 cycle = 20 years grid time = 7.3 days real time is at the moment the MOST Canonical converstion.

I'm okay if grid time gets clarified later down the road, however I think it's pretty evident that percieved grid time needs to be shown just by the changes to the page in the last six months alone.

Zigguratei 23:31, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

My two cents... Edit

I really don't think we can take Castor's reference so seriously. I mean, he's clearly a character who likes to exaggerate a bit (maybe more), and by having Flynn's disk he's trying really hard to reinforce his position during his negotiations with Clu (not to mention he's terrified of Clu). So, by saying that Clu has tried to find the disk for a thousand cycles, that sounds more like: "you've been trying to find this since... forever". I believe Flynn's measurement has more weight here, but that is just my opinion. After all, he's the one trapped in there. Dairydian 10:20, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

Text vs. TableEdit

Unfortunately, the text and table do not jibe.

We know from the primary source that Kevin Flynn has been missing since 1989, approximately 20 years real time. The table states that 1 year of real time is equivalent to ~50 cycles, the equivalent of 1000 years of perceived time. So from Flynn's perspective, according to the table, he has been trapped in the Grid for over 20000 years.

The text says, "The guide states that one year in the real world equals about 50 Cycles in the Grid, which would mean that Kevin Flynn was trapped inside the Grid for roughly 1,000 years from his viewpoint." This is incorrect math.

Trying to reconcile this with Castor/Zuse's assertion that Clu has been seeking Flynn's disc for "about 1000 cycles" just doesn't work. I think we can safely assume that Castor is exaggerating, as others have said, meaning, "a really long but indeterminate time".

So if we accept that the table describes the relationship between cycles and seconds, and the difference between the "analog" and digital worlds in the rate of time, the text should be changed.

On the other hand, it seems like the most canonical reference we have is Flynn's assertion that one millicycle is approximately eight hours of subjective time, though this doesn't give us a frame of reference for comparing time in the analog world.

(I see this is approximately what Zigguratei is saying too.)

Emdeesee (talk) 19:57, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

So draft up a new table, support it with an explanation, then we'll break out our calculators and see if it works. -- WarBlade (talk) 22:16, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

50TC = 50 Grid years

1TC = 1 Grid year

1TC = 8765,82 Gird hours

1microTC = 0,00876582 Gird hours

Kevin Flynn says <<À peine un micro-cycle, 8 heures, tout au plus>>

Soit 1microTC ~ 8 hours

50TC = 50000 Gird years

And 1050TC = 1050000 Gird years

His calcul is in at 25:11 until 25:42