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1982 Tron novelization

The novelization of TRON was written by Brian Daley, based on the screenplay by Steven Lisberger. It was first published by Ballantine Books in 1982. The novel runs to 173 pages, and has a front cover illustrating titular character, Tron against a black background, with the TRON logo superimposed on top. It also has an insert consisting of 8 pages of colour photographs from the film.


The back cover blurb reads as follows:


Denied access to a program he created, computer expert Alan Bradley seeks out Flynn, a video game virtuoso who is the only man clever enough to outwit the powerful Master Control Program.

Flynn's efforts are in vain. The Master Control Program shoots him into an incredible electronic world, where computer programs are the alter-egos of their programmers, where video games are battles of life and death.

It is here that Flynn finds Tron, the alter-ego of Alan Bradley and the only program who can overthrow the Master Control. The video wizard and the electronic program join forces in a battle to decide whether man or machine will control the system.

This electrifying novel shows the world of computer gaming from the inside - where real people become electronic pawns in a world they do not understand."

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