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TRON: Uprising S01E06 Isolated

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Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
ProducersEdward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Lance Henriksen
Olivia Wilde (guest star)
Release DateJuly 5, 2012

Isolated is the sixth episode of the television series, TRON: Uprising.

Plot Synopsis

After making a daring theft for a valuable data cube from General Tessler's base, Beck, as the Renegade, escapes on his light jet over the Sea of Simulation. Paige engages The Renegade in an aerial dogfight and the two nemesis crash on a remote island. Upon discovering the island is disintegrating into the sea, the two foes must call a temporary truce and are forced to work together on a plan to survive. These unfolding events cause Paige to reflect on her personal history and the life she led before turning into a soldier of the Occupation. Paige reveals she once knew the program, Quorra, who was on the run from the Occupation and hid in Paige's hometown.

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