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TRON: Uprising S01E03 The Renegade, Part 2

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Uprising renegade
The Renegade, Part 2
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
ProducersEdward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Lance Henriksen
Lance Reddick
Release DateJune 14, 2012

Plot Synopsis

Beck and Cutler are thrown into the game arena and have to fight each other to the death for freedom. Together they plot to throw the fight, denying General Tessler a spectacle that would see one of them derezzed. When Cutler forfeits, Tessler announces that Beck will go free while Cutler will be derezzed at Argon Square. Beck is released while Cutler is taken away and drops his veteran armband. He tells Beck to find Tron, join him and don’t stop fighting.

Beck then returns to Tron’s hideout and reports on his failure. Tron tells Beck that since Cutler has until the next cycle then he hasn’t failed yet. Beck agrees and heads off into Argon City.

Once in the city, Beck jumps on to the recognizer holding Cutler and hijacks it. Pavel notices and orders the recognizer be shot down. Damaged from the resulting attack, the recognizer fails and crashes into a building, coming to a rest at the edge of its roof. Beck and Cutler bring the guards out just before the remains of the recognizer topple from the building.

They make it to an area with light jet turbines where they are then intercepted by Paige. Cutler throws his disc but hits the controls of a turbine instead of Paige. She is surprised when what she thought was a missed attack actually activates the turbines and blows her clear.

Beck and Cutler escape to the docks and decide to use a speed boat to get out of the city, but Paige arrives and engages them in battle. After the battle Paige is tired and holds them at bay until Perl and her gang accidentally collide with her on their light cycles, allowing Beck and Cutler to escape. Angered by the intrusion, Paige arrests Perl and her gang.

Beck and Cutler board a light boat but are then pursued by Tessler's larger speed boat. The duo's light boat gets hit on the side while Pavel arrives in a light boat and slams into them. This causes both boats to get stuck to one another. Beck fends off Pavel and knocks him into the water, then starts hitting the connection of the boats before they can be shot by Tessler, but finds that he can't do enough damage to break the connection.

Then an underwater speedboat jumps out of the water and uses its light ribbon to separate the entangled boats. The new speed boat is revealed to be piloted by Tron. Once at a dock Beck tells Cutler that he should get going. Cutler pledges his support for the coming revolution, then the pair exchange their goodbyes and part company.

Beck returns to the hideout and is asked by Tron if he came to continue the fight or quit. Beck acknowledges that there will be setbacks, but its okay as long as they keep fighting. Beck asks what happens next. Tron tells him that they will continue training. “Like I said, you’ve got a lot to learn”.

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