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TRON: Uprising S01E02 The Renegade, Part 1

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The Renegade, Part 1
Media TypeTelevision series
DirectorCharlie Bean
ProducersEdward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Lance Henriksen
Release DateJune 7, 2012

​​In the Outlands, Beck and Tron are riding their light cycles. It is Beck’s first training session, and he is doing well until Tron makes a jump from across a chasm and tells Beck to do the same. Beck ends up losing his baton in the chasm and barely makes it to the opposite ledge. Tron tells him that the problem is that he hesitated. Beck has doubts about being the next Tron since he can’t even match the real one. Beck leaves for Argon but he is found by a Recognizer and is told he is in violation of curfew. Beck makes his way to a checkpoint and is forced to hide in a giant crate but notices others inside. A program, Cutler, tells him that he has made himself a prisoner. The crate is taken by a Recognizer and Beck sees that they are heading for the Games.

At the coliseum, Beck and the other programs are given protective gear for the games. A program, Rilo, believes that they will all die and blames The Renegade. Beck tells him to calm down and to stick close. The group is pitted against Black Guards at a difficulty level of extreme. Tessler, Pavel and Paige are revealed to be attending. Tessler announces “Let the games begin!”

Rilo becomes confident after seeing Beck fend off a Black Guard and joins in the fight. He is able to derezz a Black Guard out of luck, but fails to notice another jump behind him and is derezzed. Beck is distracted by Rilo’s death and is pushed out of the way of an incoming Black Guard by Cutler. Beck and Cutler are able to defeat all the Black Guards. In their holding cells, Beck expresses guilt and doubt because Rilo was derezzed. Cutler tells him he felt the same way when the ISO war was lost, revealing that he is a veteran. He says that his remaining friends that survived began to disband until the Renegade arrived. Cutler wants to be by the Renegades side fighting, since he is willing to risk his life to fight back. He explains that the reason he came to Argon was to join the Renegade and he believes him to be Tron.

While being transported to the light cycle arena Beck causes a distraction among the other programs, giving him and Cutler the chance to escape. But they are discovered by Paige and handcuffed to each other, put in the light cycle arena with no bikes and put up against three Black Guards with bikes. Using one of the guards light ribbons, they cut the line on their hand cuffs and take out the guards. Tessler is displeased that the crowd is cheering since Beck and Cutler are “conspirators” and wants them derezzed. Pavel suggests an alternative way of showing the audience that rebellion isn’t tolerated.

Pavel escorts Beck and Cutler to the Disc arena and tells them that the winner of the next game will go free. Beck asks who they are fighting. He and Cutler are shocked when Pavel informs them that they will fight each other, to the death.

In the subplot, Able asks Zed and Mara if Beck showed up for work. He was going to let Beck put up one of his favorite bikes. Able activates the baton revealing an ENCOM 786 (2nd generation light cycle). Mara is impressed since it is one of a kind, it was built for speed and Kevin Flynn rode one. Zed however isn’t impressed because of it’s an older model and prefers the newer models. Able tells Zed and Mara to tell Beck that the light cycle will be in his office, and he hopes that Beck isn’t getting into trouble.

At the 0001001 Club, Zed is embarrassed to dance with Mara, his crush, and sits alone. An attractive female program, Perl, notices Zed and goes to talk with him. Mara notices and urges Zed to dance with her, but since she refers to him as a friend, he leaves with Perl. After seeing that they have limited options for fun, Zed takes Perl to the garage. Perl urges him to allow her to see the areas that are authorized for employees. In Able’s office Zed shows Perl some of the old tech that Able has but she is unimpressed and wishes to leave soon. In an effort to impress her and get her to stay, Zed shows her the ENCOM 786, which she takes an interest to. She asks Zed to look at her light cycle saying that it’s been acting up. After checking the bike, Zed says he couldn’t find anything wrong. Perl than hits him on the head and rides off in the ENCOM 786. Zed now realizes he is in trouble and calls himself an idiot. A Bit from Able’s office annoys him by agreeing with him.

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