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TRON: Uprising S01E12 We Both Know How This Ends

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TRON: Uprising S01E12 We Both Know How This Ends
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
ArtistAdam Nussdorf
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
StudioDisney Television Animation

We Both Know How This Ends is the 12th episode of TRON: Uprising, in which Mara is in charge of the garage and must prove her leadership skills.


Able, deciding to confront a situation he feels he should have dealt with long ago, leaves the garage in Mara's hands and drives off into the Outlands. Initially intimidated by the responsibility, Mara asks Beck and Zed to back her up; but although they agree, they soon begin to neglect their tasks and slack off with their coworkers. Their assurances that the work would be done "eventually" backfire when Pavel arrives, threatening to send the entire work crew to the Games if they fail to fix twelve tanks (which Beck, as the Renegade, had previously sabotaged) before the end of the shift.

Mara urges the mechanics to work together and pool their results, but Dash scoffs that there's no time for that and tells them that listening to her would get them derezzed. The frightened crew rushes to work on the tanks individually, throwing the garage into chaos.

Able, meanwhile, loses his vehicle when a bite from a gridbug distracts him and sends it off a cliff. He walks further into the Outlands, sets up a tent with a beacon signal in a remote, stormy area, and is shortly met by Tron, whom he has been helping to maintain the healing chamber that keeps the reclusive warrior alive. Able reveals that he knows Beck is the Renegade, and demands that Tron stop using the young program as a catspaw, threatening to withdraw his help rather than let Beck become "one of your mistakes." Tron objects, but their argument is cut short when the tent is invaded by a massive swarm of gridbugs. The two escape on Tron's snowmobile, leaving an explosive in the tent to destroy the swarm.

At the garage, time is close to running out when Mara realizes that Link had momentarily and inadvertently managed to revert the sabotage in the tank he was working on. Assembling the crew, she states that she made a mistake by trying to be their friend when they needed a leader, and dispatches them to implement the newly found solution. The tanks are repaired in the nick of time. Able, returning to the garage alone, instructs Beck to return the snowmobile baton to its owner, and compliments Mara for her successful shift as leader, telling her that she was his "first and only choice."


  • This episode first premiered on Disney XD's On-Demand service.

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