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Tron Scars, Part II
TRON: Uprising S01E10 Scars, Part 2
Media TypeTelevision episode
StudioDisney Television Animation
Release DateNovember 2, 2012

Scars, Part 2 is the 10th episode of TRON: Uprising, in which Beck must stop his mentor from getting revenge on his enemy.


Beck awakened from a stun charge to find that Tron had left his hideout and was on his way to derez Dyson. Beck rezzed his light cycle to give pursuit, shouting that this wasn't like Tron, but was unable to stop his more experienced and driven mentor from losing him in the Outlands.

Dyson, meanwhile, had made himself at home in Argon City, to General Tesler's disgust. Tesler ordered Paige and Pavel to keep him out of trouble. At an Argon cooling plant, Paige discovered Pavel sabotaging equipment in an effort to disgrace Tesler; Pavel urged Paige to join him, saying that Tesler was on his way out. Paige expressed disgust and left him. The plant, however, was further sabotaged by the time they reached Dyson again, with clouds of gaseous coolant swamping the floor. Dyson suspected the renegade, and headed deeper into the plant to ferret him out.

Beck had eventually tracked Tron to Dyson's location, and confronted him once again, begging him not to let the revolution end before it had a chance to start. Tron locked Beck to a railing, throwing his disc into a nearby wall so that he couldn't get free, and vanished into the recesses of the cooling plant. Dyson, seeing four white lights through the fog in Tron's familiar configuration, stalked toward them, fully believing that Tron was actually dead and that he would be fighting a novice; the lights, however, were four light grenades stuck to a wall, which exploded and caught him off guard. Tron, still in disguise, attacked; Dyson, still believing he was fighting the renegade, taunted him with comparisons to the "real" Tron, but Tron eventually gained the upper hand, unmasking himself and advancing on Dyson with an enraged, vengeful expression, all the more terrifying as one eye was blanked out by his expanding scar. Dyson, shocked, tried to convince Tron to join him as a servant of Clu, offering to repair the damage he'd caused that prevented Tron's scars from healing themselves and left him without the ability to sustain himself without constant access to a healing chamber. Tron refused, lifting Dyson by the throat and preparing to derez him.

During his hunt, Tron had from time to time reflected on his former life before the coup, including his torture by Dyson, the forced rectification of Reeve and the rest of their security team, and the guard who had bailed him out of a recognizer as he was being transported to Clu's throne ship, leaving the recognizer to crash and Dyson to believe him dead. As he raised his disc to derez Dyson, Tron remembered the guard's words to him after rescuing him, echoing Beck's plea from before: "We can't let the revolution end before it has a chance to start." Changing his mind, Tron dropped the terrified Dyson on the ground, telling him he was only being left alive to deliver a message.

Back in the hideout, Tron thanked Beck for recalling him to himself. Beck asked if this meant he could have some time off, to which Tron replied in amusement, "What do you think?"

In Tron City, Dyson, shaken by his encounter, brought the message he had been given to Clu: "Tron lives." Clu, his back to Dyson, asked if anybody else knew about this, and Dyson turned abruptly to derez the lone sentry who had been present, ensuring that no one else did. Clu, smiling ominously, concluded that they would keep it that way.


  • When Tron confronts Dyson, he fights with two discs as he did in the flashback scenes of TRON: Legacy, and his helmet is also the same design as the one he wore as Rinzler.

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