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TRON: Legacy App is an application released by Apple for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It was released by Disney Interactive Media Group on 21 September 2010, free to download. With the app a player can immediately play an all-new version of the classic Tanks game from the TRON arcade game, view a trailer for TRON: Legacy, and receive pre-sale order information for the TRON: Evolution video game from Disney Interactive Studios. The app also included several preview pages of the graphic novel, TRON: Betrayal. The app also updated to include additional video, music, and free and premium games, as the premiere of TRON: Legacy drew closer. Another app was released later with a 3D light cycles and Recognizer game. There is one other app made by Coca-Cola named LiveCycle, which utilizes a smartphone's GPS sensor to create an imaginary Jetwall, which could be used to play a real Light Cycles game just by moving around in real-time.

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