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|source= [[Baton]]
|source= [[Baton]]
|users= [[System Monitor|System Monitors]]<br>[[Sentry|Sentries]]<br>[[Black Guard]]s<br>[[Tron]]
|users= [[System Monitor|System Monitors]]<br>[[Sentry|Sentries]]<br>[[Black Guard]]s<br>[[Tron]]
|appear= [[TRON: Betrayal]]<br>[[TRON: Legacy]]<br>[[TRON: Uprising]]
|appear= [[TRON: Betrayal]]<br>[[TRON: Legacy]]<br>[[TRON: Uprising]]<br>[[Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance]]
|gallery = True}}
|gallery = True}}

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Codex weap staff
UsageMelee weapon
UsersSystem Monitors
Black Guards
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Betrayal
TRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

A staff is a hand-to-hand combat weapon generated from a baton, resulting in a weapon similar to a "bo staff". They are most commonly found in the hands of Sentries being used for law enforcement purposes.

There are two types of staff seen in TRON: Legacy. One, used by sentries, is generated from a single baton and has an asymmetrical shaft with the longer length usually employed as the 'downward' end. The other, used by Clu's Black Guard, is formed from two batons combined together with a symmetrical shaft of bright energy extending from the ends.

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